Quiet Ander was born from youthful oblivion. Sixteen years old, drawing on every desk, notebook and classroom wall saw my first ever t-shirt design come to life. Sold from my high school locker and worn by classmates, my understanding of fashion as an expression was innocent and uncomplicated.

An approach towards design was developed and an intracite dialogue began. To create for others requires authenticity and willingness to push a purpose without limitation.

This is simple. Quiet Ander is simple. Our purpose is to create products that are minimalist, approachable and understandable for what they are. Each piece is driven to be understated and functional, beautiful yet non distinguishable, a true extension of the wearer.

As a fashion brand our products aim to harmonise aesthetic values with wearability to cater towards real life consumers within the modern Australian climate. It is in this niche that Quiet Ander exists.


All products are thoughtfully designed using locally sourced fabrics and sustainable construction methods within Melbourne, Australia. Fabric off-cuts are always re-purposed within our production chain to avoid wastage and extend the life span of all materials.


 Fashion Journal 

Australian Fashion Council